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Accounting Assistant

Job Type: Accounting Assistant

Expiration Date: No Expiration

Work Location: Dallas

job description:

  1. Responsible for the sorting and auditing of daily customer documents
  2. Responsible for the calculation of monthly customer wages and salaries
  3. Responsible for monthly customer tax returns and other related work
  4. Responsible for the daily accounting treatment and financial accounting of customers, prepare and issue accounting statements
  5. Responsible for annual tax returns for various types of customers in the United States
  6. Conduct business communication with Chinese companies
  7. Other matters

job requirements:

  1. Major in accounting, finance or business analysis
  2. Bachelor degree or above
  3. Have a strong sense of responsibility, execution, and communication skills
  4. Familiar with Chinese and American financial, tax policies and accounting regulations
  5. Familiar with financial software and Microsoft Office