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Company Registration

Registering companies and setting up business institutions in the United States is the first step for domestic companies and individuals to explore the international market. Our team of elites are committed to providing professional company registration consulting services for different types of enterprises, and providing customers with the best company registration scheme according to the nature of the enterprise, main business and management needs of different customers, And assist enterprises in handling various matters such as tax registration and account opening.

Tax Services

Under the federal system, the U.S. tax system intricate and strict. We provide customers with comprehensive tax services and solve tax problems in different regions of the U.S. companies. Our tax experts are committed to providing customers with tax-related services such as tax declaration, tax planning, cross-border tax declaration, company annual review, and responding to IRS tax audit to ensure that customers meet the US tax requirements in the business process, and conduct more effective tax planning and management. Eliminating corporate tax concerns.

Accounting Service

Accounting Services

We aim to provide a full range of accounting services to small and medium businesses in the United States. Our team includes senior accountants, certified public accountants, tax accountants and many other professionals with a high degree. They are familiar with Chinese and American accounting standards and have rich professional knowledge in finance, taxation, management, etc., and can help different types of enterprises. Set up accounts according to the standards, and carry out professional accounting training to solve various problems existing in the accounting work of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Audit services

Our audit team is familiar with the Chinese, US and international accounting standards. With a conscientious professional attitude, strong professional skills and risk-oriented audit concept, we provide customers and various enterprises with professional audit and evaluation services, help customers provide real, accurate and credible financial information, and help companies improve the credibility of information disclosure, provide rationalized suggestions for corporate management, and fully meet the various needs of shareholders and corporate stakeholders.

investment services

We cooperate with elites in the industry to provide professional investment advisory and risk assessment for different customers’ investment projects and meet their investment needs. Our team has rich investment experience in the industry, closely tracking investment projects, frequently conducting investment risk assessments, and constantly monitoring your investment with professional management and controls.

insurance plan

The development of the U.S. insurance industry has always been at the forefront of the world, the types of insurance are rich and complex. We work with industry elites to provide the customers with comprehensive, multi-level and all business area insurance consulting services. Understanding the current situation and development trend of the U.S. insurance market, and having solid insurance knowledge with practical performance, our team of experienced practitioners are able to provide you with professional insurance services.

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