How to quickly accumulate wealth? Many people are busy in their lives but have no gains because there is no good plan, including investment and financial management, and it is difficult to accumulate wealth without using the right methods. There are many ways to save money in life. Although it may seem trivial, it is also a huge expense accumulated year by year. Financial management is to realize the appreciation and preservation of family wealth, and the premise cannot reduce the quality of life. Next, let’s take a look at these money-saving coup how to quickly save money with Xiaobian.

Selected children’s toys save ¥5000 a year

Smart use of group buying and purchasing to save ¥10,000 a year

From buying a house to a small tile, group buying can not only get more price concessions, but also provide detailed consulting services, which can help you choose products with higher cost performance, save money and avoid detours. Especially suitable for the purchase of decoration materials and kitchen appliances. Another concept, daigou, already exists.

Invite friends to dinner at home and save ¥15,000 a year

Not always eating out at restaurants, it takes up a lot of resources, but the guests and hosts are not able to enjoy it. In fact, the return of family warmth is what people really need in their hearts. Inviting friends to dine at home not only reflects the host’s respect for the guests, but also creates an intimate and harmonious atmosphere. DIY flowers and candle arrangements, thoughtful recipe design, consume less and get more.

There are coups to save energy, save ¥360 a year

First of all, stop buying electric massage chairs and electric weight loss instruments for home use, because they are often impractical and space-consuming. Secondly, scientifically use various electrical appliances to make them work in the best condition. In fact, we can learn a lot of life tips from our mother: for example, the hot water after steaming things or blanching vegetables can be used to wash dishes. This natural detergent is safe and environmentally friendly; when cooking, use more cold dishes and less frying , Save gas while maintaining the original vitamins and nutrients of vegetables, but also reduce calorie intake.

Carry a sealed water bottle with you and save ¥720 a year

Going to the convenience store to buy a bottle of drink when thirsty is the habitual thinking of most people. But this will not only easily lead to excessive intake of sugar and flavors, but also plastic bottles will bring pollution to the environment that will harm the environment for thousands of years. Carrying a water bottle with you, you can easily save the expense of buying drinks, which is economical and environmentally friendly. In addition, coffee fans who like to drink Starbucks can save 2 yuan each time by bringing their own cups and cups.